Carlos Aguillo is a new face for the new cinema.  He is a Spanish actor, musician and tap dancer. Born and raised in Valencia, he began acting as a child in minor stage productions, and trained as a musician at the Conservatory in his native city. Aguillo moved to Barcelona to train at the Luthier Upper School, working to become a principal tap dancer, and to develope his commercial acting career working for companies such as: Lay's, Nissan, Lexus, Smart Mercedes-Benz, ZTE Phones.

His professional acting career includes appearences in Spanish films, short films and tv shows, and  gained recognition for his role as Jack Jackson in THE GREATEST GIFT ‘EL MAYOR REGALO’, on cinemas now.

Also, 'The prince' in the theatre drama The Inspector (N. Gogol), and 'Satan' in the theatre drama Job (Fabrice Hadjadj), had a very good audience during its stayment on theaters.

He played the role of the character Augusto Mendieta (young) in the very well-known tvshow ‘ESTOY VIVO’ for Globomedia (TVE1)

Carlos Aguillo speaks fluent English, and a basic knowledge of French. Spanish and Catalan/Valencian in a bilingual proficiency.



  • El Mayor Regalo (dir: Juan Manuel Cotelo) On theaters: November 9th, 2018



  • Estoy Vivo (TVE 1)
  • Centro Médico (TVE 1)
  • La Riera  (Tv3)



  • Lay's
  • Nissan
  • Lexus
  • ZTE Phones
  • Smart by Mercedes-Benz
  • Catalana Occidente by Instagram (Forrest Gump role)



  • Game of Toes.
  • Eddie & Debbie. A tap dance Story.  
  • Children of Light. A Christmas Story.
  • Love Story by Cosme Pons.
  • Brothers.
  • La música te transforma, for Film Symphony Orchestra (Gladiator role)
  • The American Tap Dance.
  • Match Point (for



  • El Inspector (N. Gogol)
  • Job (Fabrice Hadjadj)
  • Pobres Gentes (F. Dostoievski)
  • Bariona, el hijo del trueno. (F. Nietzsche)
  • El taller del orfebre (K. Wojtyla)